Sew A Dino­saur (1992)

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I was given this book as a gift as a child. I never made anything from it because it’s defin­itely much too diffi­cult for chil­dren, I just admired the projects. My mum attemp­ted to make the costume for me, but admit­ted defeat. I found it while clear­ing out my dad’s house after he died. I could defin­itely make some­thing from this book these days though.

Let’s not forget however the toy dino­saur my nan made long before I got the book. She clearly adap­ted an elephant pattern. He used to have pink felt spikes on his back too.

See the white dino­saur with the paint? That’s the only thing in the book a child could conceiv­ably make.

A wind­sock.

And a kite

The costume whose unclear instruc­tions defeated my mother’s sewing skills.

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