Slugs. Ugh.

ink drawing of a slug

I forgot to post this before. My friend Tukru does a freebie Halloween themed zine every year for her zine distro. She needed some extra pages and asked me to draw a monster, so I cobbled this together and scanned it in about 45 minutes. I hate slugs. Horrible things. In my final year of uni, I lived in a house which had seemed fine when viewed in the summer, but come winter turned out to have a real damp problem, and a slug problem in the kitchen. They’d somehow worm themselves into the kitchen overnight, so we had to put a thick circle of salt all along the perimeter of the room to keep them out. It looked like we’d taken up exorcism. I suppose it was a slug exorcism really. Despite my hatred of slugs, I’ve got a picture of them being alarmed at some salt that I should really finish.

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