Smooth down the aven­ue glit­ters the bicycle

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I’ve always had a soft spot for 30s subur­bia. These two pictures are a place called Twydall, near where my mum lives. I went along there to buy some wool, and I wasn’t disap­poin­ted, the area is full of old ladies. Also, the fact that the wool shop is called World of Wool­craft and is run by what could be the broth­er of the Comic Book Store Guy made me laugh.

John Betje­man
did this docu­ment­ary in the early 70s explor­ing the suburbs of NW London along the old Metro­pol­it­an Rail­way (now part of the Metro­pol­it­an tube line and the Over­ground). It’s worth a watch just for his voice and way of phras­ing things. I also like the bird-watch­er straight out of Look Around You and the man with a Wurl­itzer organ in his living room.

I’m very famil­i­ar with the London areas he shows, and I love archive foot­age of places I know. I’ve never been to the places further out along the line in Hert­ford­shire, but I feel like maybe I should, just to see what they’re like. I like poking around unex­cit­ing places.

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