Special Zine Deal

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A pack of seven zines and a postcard (cacti not included) available here for £5 in the UK, and around €10 or $12 USD/$18 AUD. All prices include postage. You get:

  • Cake Exploding mini comic
  • YF 27- Solitude Standing: about being alone and accidentally spending several months in Bognor Regis
  • YF 30- Oxbridge or Bust: about applying to study at Oxford and later working there and how much I hate the institution
  • YF32- Aquariums, Suspicious Whispering and Oulipo word games
  • YF32.5- Do actuaries secretly have mystical powers? Featuring Borges and Calvino.
  • YF 23.5- 24 hour Zine Project Zine from 2016
  • Keep It Clean: Low stress cleaning tips

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