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Zine orders close for summer 21st May

I’m going to be away a lot over the summer, so I’ll be closing my online shop down (until probably September) next Wednesday the 21st of May at 3pm GMT. This means that if you want some zines you need to order this week or wait several months. It also means I can only really do trades within the UK. As well as zines I’ve also got various badges, patches, prints, lengths of vintage ribbon etc. You can find the shop here. There are also wholesale prices available for distros.

What I currently have:
Being Editors 1– essays about children’s writer Diana Wynne Jones
Best of Fanzine Ynfytyn– collection of articles from issues 1-13
Colouring book zine– guess what? you colour it in
Keep It Clean– low stress cleaning/household tips
Film Photography 101– does what it says on the tin
Fanzine Ynfytyn 14– Vienna- all the schnitzels and dumplings you can eat
YF 15– Pointless board games and bad French jokes
YF16– Grandparents and their weird habits and people I wanted to be when I grew up
YF 16.5– 24hr zine about El Topo and Sedmikrasky and hometown boredom
YF 17– Why Mr Frosty sets are disappointing as an adult and lists about J.Mascis and cats
YF 18– 80s video hire and a delicious lasagne recipe
YF 19– Bulgaria and glasses wearing
YF 20– North Korea (a place I have not visited) and winning competitions
YF 21– Paris on a low-to-no-budget
YF 22– Foxes and being in charge of a maze
YF 23– Illness and trying to avoid “wellness culture” bullshit
YF 23.5– 24 hour zine about bees, quilting and modular synths
YF 24– Mirena IUDs in combo with PCOS and Prednisone
YF 25– Our Maxim from Almaty, and exploring the world of the ceiling
YF 26– The strange world of French campsites
YF 28-Japan on a budget
YF 29– Italy in the 90s and today
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