2016 in review

I spent a low-stress and low-key Christ­mas with my friend Vicky up in Manchester, and have returned to Kent over the New Year to see homet­own friends. I’ll be in the UK for a few more weeks (includ­ing my birth­day), then head­ing off to Austria for 5 weeks for work, then a further 2 weeks in Japan, mean­ing I’ll be abroad until April. A vari­ety of factors has meant that I’ve not worked full-time in months, and to be honest I’m itch­ing to go back to work and being busy all the time.

It’s fair (and easy) to say that 2016 was not a good year for me. And the consensus is that it was also a terrible year polit­ic­ally, that has seen fascism and far-right polit­ics on the ascend­ant. Here is a brief list of my posit­ives and negat­ives for the year.

New Years 2015

I’m not going anywhere tonight. I’ve never been much of one for NYE, and my options for tonight included spend­ing lots of money I don’t have, or spend­ing at least an hour cross­ing town. As I’m not drink­ing at the moment, feel­ing kind of quiet and tired lately, and totally broke until Monday, I’m happy to stay in. My preferred NYE social options are either going to a pub with­in quick reach of home, or going to a friends house/​hosting them anyway. The prob­lem with London is that every­one is so spread out with long jour­ney times or awkward jour­neys if you’re not going via cent­ral, and trans­port is often such a horrible exper­i­ence on NYE that it can become a bit of a mission to do even that.