Lucky dip

On Wednes­day we had a bake­sale fundraiser for our gradu­at­ing exhib­i­tion. For some reas­on univer­sity regu­la­tions only allowed us to sell home-made food in the foyer if it was pack­aged up, so we made good­ie bags and boxes. Some of the focus in these photos is a little odd, because my lens got jammed onto f.17 without me real­ising until later that after­noon (the aper­ture clutch thing is a little unre­li­able). That’s also why there aren’t any people in the pictures, because every­one ended up with things like an out of focus nose.

Blood, oh the blood

I’ve done some riso­graph prints based on one of my univer­sity projects to try to raise some money. The life of a post-gradu­ate student is not a rich one.

Noth­ing to Do With Dionysus

The title’s a lie. Here’s Dionysus minus his arms and legs, and look­ing surpris­ingly cheer­ful.

I’ve been making the paper puppets for this today. I was origin­ally going to use split pins for the joints, but I’ve been read­ing Oliv­er Postgate’s auto­bi­o­graphy (highly recom­men­ded by the way) and he just used sewing thread stuck on with scotch magic tape for easy remov­al, which is a much better solu­tion, as noth­ing sticks out then. The puppets have inter­change­able heads for differ­ent expres­sions. Hope­fully I’ll get the film finished by weds the 26th when I have one of the dreaded Review of Work days at uni.


Today Tukru helped me take some photos for my uni project (someone needed to stop the camera tripod fall­ing down the hill and be able to touch things without cover­ing them in blood. Today’s myth was Pentheus & the Bacchae. I was a Bacchant/​Maenad. I got to sit around in a vest in the winter doused in fake blood, clutch­ing a mostly empty bottle of booze and a fimo human heart and trying not to squint in the unex­pec­ted Febru­ary sunshine. How I usually spend my Tues­day after­noons, really. Fake blood is surpris­ingly cold in the wind. Clear­ing up felt like we were cover­ing up a murder.

Drink-draw­ing & Read­ing Objects

My friend Adam from art college runs a pub draw­ing game night called Drinky Doodle in Brighton. I couldn’t make the first one, but I managed to get to the second. It’s at a nice scand­inavi­an themed bar. There are assor­ted themed games where you have to either draw what’s on the card you drew out of a hat, or draw the things that are shouted out. Sadly I missed out on the That’s Life Draw­ing they did last time, where you drew stuff out of the magazine. I love those awful “REAL LIFE DRAMA” magazines.

Pentheus & the Bacchae film- propos­al for my next uni project

I wrote this propos­al for my next project at uni to send my tutor. I’m doing an MA in Sequen­tial Design. Basic­ally I can do anything I like, as long as it’s based on storytelling in art, and after the term I’ve just finished, you have to set your­self your own projects. So here’s what I’ll be work­ing on after Christ­mas (subject to any changes sugges­ted by my tutor)