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maenad 1

Today Tukru helped me take some photos for my uni project (someone needed to stop the camera tripod falling down the hill and be able to touch things without covering them in blood. Today’s myth was Pentheus & the Bacchae. I was a Bacchant/Maenad. I got to sit around in a vest in the winter doused in fake blood, clutching a mostly empty bottle of booze and a fimo human heart and trying not to squint in the unexpected February sunshine. How I usually spend my Tuesday afternoons, really. Fake blood is surprisingly cold in the wind. Clearing up felt like we were covering up a murder.

maenad 6

maenad 2

maenad 3

maenad 4

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  1. Ugh. These photos are so freaking amazing. I love them so much! I just want to frame them & put them up on a wall. Is that creepy?

    P.S. The word verification word is “Gender”. Ha!

  2. Thanks!
    My university tutor said he thought I should have done them in black and white or on a cloudy overcast day, because he thought the clear spring sky and bright colours were too cheerful for the subject matter. That was kind of the point.

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