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maenad 1

Today Tukru helped me take some photos for my uni project (someone needed to stop the camera tripod fall­ing down the hill and be able to touch things without cover­ing them in blood. Today’s myth was Pentheus & the Bacchae. I was a Bacchant/​Maenad. I got to sit around in a vest in the winter doused in fake blood, clutch­ing a mostly empty bottle of booze and a fimo human heart and trying not to squint in the unex­pec­ted Febru­ary sunshine. How I usually spend my Tues­day after­noons, really. Fake blood is surpris­ingly cold in the wind. Clear­ing up felt like we were cover­ing up a murder.

maenad 6

maenad 2

maenad 3

maenad 4

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  1. Ugh. These photos are so freak­ing amaz­ing. I love them so much! I just want to frame them & put them up on a wall. Is that creepy?

    P.S. The word veri­fic­a­tion word is “Gender”. Ha!

  2. Thanks!
    My univer­sity tutor said he thought I should have done them in black and white or on a cloudy over­cast day, because he thought the clear spring sky and bright colours were too cheer­ful for the subject matter. That was kind of the point.

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