Cross­ing the Alps playl­ist

To travel in between Vienna and Graz, until the never-ending tunnel under the moun­tains is finished later this decade, you have to take the train over the top of the Semmer­ing Pass, going up and down over the Alps. You get some spec­tac­u­lar views, and the train­line itself is a UNESCO site. It’s hard to take good photos out of the train window, so here’s my playl­ist for over the moun­tain.

Janu­ary Playl­ist

The second half of Janu­ary has been a bad time for me, with a lot of very diffi­cult things to deal with. I’ve been low on energy for doing anything much creat­ive. Here’s a playl­ist of songs I’ve been listen­ing to lately though.

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Japan playl­ist

Here’s a Spoti­fy playl­ist I made while I was in Japan, of Japan­ese artists and music that matched my mood at the time. (All the Japan­ese bands are marked with a J).

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