Slov­ak Nation­al Gallery

The Slov­ak Nation­al Gallery was also open late- it was free that day too because they were chan­ging the exhib­i­tions and only two rooms were open. From the website it seems like there’s a lot of inter­est­ing stuff in the museum, and it’s a pity I didn’t get to see it, but I enjoyed the small section I did get to see.

Overnight in Brat­is­lava

I’m work­ing in Austria for the next few weeks. I’ve been visit­ing for the last ten years to run school work­shops. You spend a week in a local school running drama, creat­ive writ­ing, and some­times art or cook­ery classes as an English immer­sion programme. Every week you’re at a differ­ent school.

I normally take my DSLR, and sort out the photos after­wards, but I couldn’t find what I’d done with the char­ger. My phone has a very decent camera though, so I’m going to use that and post them as I go. I’ve become increas­ingly frus­trated with the way the FB and Instagram algorithms decide what people see and in what order. Everything’s jumbled up and got no context or order, and it makes seeing travel photos partic­u­larly frus­trat­ing. So they’re just going here, where they stay in chro­no­lo­gic­al order and in context.