Fabric designs

I finally got the print­ing samples back of the fabrics I designed. They are all avail­able on Spoon­flower, a print on demand fabric site. I was very pleased with the end results. I was a little nervous about how they would come out, because I didn’t stick to the recom­men­ded colour palette from the site, but the colours came out exactly as I wanted. You can order them as fat quar­ters or by the meter/​yard. I recom­mend getting them prin­ted on the kona cotton. If you do order any fabric, make sure to wash it on a delic­ate cycle with a less harsh deter­gent like ecov­er.

Fabric stash

I have a lot of fabric. Mostly remnants from char­ity shops or from my nan’s stash (she was a dress­maker /​ tail­or). I haven’t done any sewing this year, because I lost a lot of weight in Febru­ary due to a nasty bout of gast­rit­is, and it seemed silly to make some­thing that would later be too small, or to try to guess at what my normal fitting would be. I’m back to my normal weight now though, so I can go ahead.



I’m currently at my grandparent’s place in West Sussex. I picked up some teach­ing work in Germany over the summer (and some as yet unknown other destin­a­tions too), so I gave up my sublet room, put my stuff in stor­age for the summer, left London for a while, and am spend­ing the next 10 days wander­ing around Kent and Sussex until I fly off. My grand­par­ents’ place is in a small village called Aldwick near Bognor. There’s a shingle beach, lots of bunga­lows and old people, and hydrangeas every­where. It’s about 3 minutes from a very quiet beach (appar­ently Robert Smith lives here too, but I haven’t seen him). My nan died last year, and my grandad is now in a home, with demen­tia, so the house belongs to my mum and aunt. They are currently refur­bish­ing it and clear­ing out decades of things. The heavy lift­ing had already been done, but the other day I went through my nan’s fabric stash for anything I wanted.

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