Fabric stash

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I have a lot of fabric. Mostly remnants from char­ity shops or from my nan’s stash (she was a dress­maker /​ tail­or). I haven’t done any sewing this year, because I lost a lot of weight in Febru­ary due to a nasty bout of gast­rit­is, and it seemed silly to make some­thing that would later be too small, or to try to guess at what my normal fitting would be. I’m back to my normal weight now though, so I can go ahead.

I’m still scared to cut that green and gold peacock fabric though, because it’s so pretty. The silver remnant is going to be a skirt – I have some skirt lining to use with it, because the fabric is very itchy. The brown and orange 60s style stuff a dress.There are also a few char­ity shop items on the pile for alter­a­tion, and the green and white spotty item on the far right is a 1940s style dress I sewed a while back which needs alter­a­tion around the shoulders and neck­line (stupid narrow child shoulders . . )

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