Die grade Linie ist die unschöp­ferische Linie

Just before Christ­mas I ran a Hunder­t­wasser-themed work­shop as a fundraiser for 101 Social Club. (If you are not famil­i­ar with Austri­an artist, archi­tect, envir­on­ment­al­ist and cranky old hippy Friedens­reich Hunder­t­wasser, I have writ­ten about him quite a few times- you can find the entries here) People had food and drink, learnt about Hundertwasser’s work and philo­sophies, and did three differ­ent casu­al art activ­it­ies- collab­or­at­ive line making, resist paint­ing, and creat­ing archi­tec­tur­al models of Hunder­t­wasser-style build­ings out of recycled mater­i­als. All while listen­ing to the fine selec­tion of Can, Neu, Fennesz, Cluster, Faust and other artists from the playl­ist below (I had it on shuffle on the night)

Fanzine Ynftyn 14- jo, frei­lich, die gnädige Frau Magister Emma ist nach Öster­reich gekom­men

I used to go to Austria quite a lot to run work­shops in schools, trav­el­ling from school to school each week. I star­ted writ­ing this zine after my first trip to Vienna in 2010, didn’t finish it, and then finished it off a couple of years later. I made a few copies at the time, but then mislaid the pages again when moving house, so barely anyone has read it. I recently found them again, and scanned them, so people can order it now!


Every so often I like to write on here about things I like, and why I like them. I’ve (finally) been finish­ing my zine about Vienna, and there’s a section about Hunder­t­wasser in there, but I didn’t really have enough space to say everything that I wanted to say, and in a b&w zine obvi­ously you totally miss out on the colours, which are a major part of his work, so here is a longer thing about him and his work. I’ve visited the Kunsthaus/​Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna quite a few times, and I wrote about one of my visits here. I first came across his work in 2001, when I was 16/​17, and bought a £3 book from a discount shop because it looked inter­est­ing from a quick flick through. I’m glad I did! All the pictures in this entry are either taken by me, or come from hundertwasser.at. I don’t feel like I’ve really caught  my exact favour­ites here, but collect­ing images from lots of differ­ent sources and making sure they were all cred­ited prop­erly would have taken a long, long time. Here’s an over­view of some things.

More Vienna- Hunder­t­wasser

Also on my to-do list was the Hunder­t­wasser museum. If you’re not famil­i­ar with him he was an Austri­an paint­er, archi­tect, graph­ic design­er, envir­on­ment­al­ist and all round inter­est­ing eccent­ric