Die grade Linie ist die unschöp­ferische Linie

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Just before Christ­mas I ran a Hunder­t­wasser-themed work­shop as a fundraiser for 101 Social Club. (If you are not famil­i­ar with Austri­an artist, archi­tect, envir­on­ment­al­ist and cranky old hippy Friedens­reich Hunder­t­wasser, I have writ­ten about him quite a few times- you can find the entries here) People had food and drink, learnt about Hundertwasser’s work and philo­sophies, and did three differ­ent casu­al art activ­it­ies- collab­or­at­ive line making, resist paint­ing, and creat­ing archi­tec­tur­al models of Hunder­t­wasser-style build­ings out of recycled mater­i­als. All while listen­ing to the fine selec­tion of Can, Neu, Fennesz, Cluster, Faust and other artists from the playl­ist below (I had it on shuffle on the night)

The severed hands and wall paint­ings were fortu­it­ously left over from anoth­er event.
Collab­or­at­ive line-making. Every­one draws at the same time, travers­ing the paper back and forth. You can’t take your pen off the paper, draw straight lines or cross over any lines.
Resist paint­ing with wax and watered down black acryl­ic (indi­an ink works better, but I couldn’t get hold of a big enough or cheap enough bottle in time)
Creat­ing archi­tec­tur­al master­pieces in teams.
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