Signal to Noise

On Sunday night I went to my friend John Newman’s sound install­a­tion at the Deaf Cat in Rochester, put on by the TEA people. There was a Damo Suzuki improv gig the previ­ous night when I was away. I’m sure they organ­ise these things when I can’t come specific­ally to spite me. I also went to watch at their band dating event they put on on Thurs. They got musi­cians to fill out a profile, then assigned them to a band, gave them 2 free rehears­al sessions, then they played whatever they came up with on the night. It all worked out very well. There were sound­scapes and some­thing that soun­ded like a Talk­ing Heads rehears­al.

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For the last two weeks, I’ve been doing work exper­i­ence at an anim­a­tion studio. I know I don’t want to be an anim­at­or (too much minute adjust­ing of other people’s artwork!), but it’s been good to do anyway. I’d much prefer to design things, and then hand them over to some anim­at­ing wonder, who would do a much better job than me. I made some minor contri­bu­tions to an advert for Cana­dian tv (I’ll prob­ably link it when it’s been on later in the year) and did cost­ing for getting some promo­tion­al gifts made, but the most valu­able thing has actu­ally been just talk­ing to people. Every­one is very friendly and help­ful, and has insight­ful things to say.