Through the pinhole

Last night I scanned about 20 rolls of film. Here’s the first one, some pinhole photos I took in Cornwall a few years ago, using the Diana + (you can remove the lens and use it as a pinhole camera). I think they’re of St Ives and Mousehole. They’re pretty soft looking, because I just rested the camera on a wall rather than use the tripod. Here are some I took using the tripod and with colour film with the same camera, they’re much sharper. I like these monochrome ones though, they’re quite eerie looking.

Pop 9

I was given a Pop 9 camera for Christmas, and this is my test film (Ilford HP5 400asa). There’s the obligatory cat photos for any test roll, and some of the river/waterways around Canada Water and Rotherhithe. The rest of the roll can be seen here.

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Forgotten Holgas

Another forgotten film scanned, Holga + Fuji Provia 400 xpro. This was my test roll for the Holga. You can see the other photos here, they’re not very exciting.

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