August Zines-25% off

I’m back in the UK until Weds, and able to send out zines again. However I can only do the small selec­tion I have already prin­ted up- new print runs will have to wait until my perman­ent return in Septem­ber. With a bonus 25% off. Here’s what I’ve got:

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Chel­lah, Morocco

Here’s an inter­est­ing place just outside Rabat in Morocco. Chel­lah was a Roman city, which later became a necro­pol­is for the tombs of mara­bouts, wander­ing Sufi holy men, who often take on the role of saints after death. I took these pictures over a decade ago, when digit­al camer­as weren’t as good as today, so apolo­gies for any burnt out high­lights or other optic­al issues- the rest of the photos can be seen here.

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