Milan Cathed­ral

While in Milan, I also bought a tick­et to the cathed­ral and attached museum.

Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne

Fitzroy Gardens is a park in the centre of Melbourne with a model village, lovely botan­ic­al conser­vat­ory and some fairly strange sculp­tures and tree carvings.

Louisi­ana Art Museum, Denmark

I was tidy­ing up some old photos and found some from my trip to Denmark in 2015 that I never posted. These are of the Louisi­ana Art Museum. It’s a modern art museum and sculp­ture park just up the coast from Copen­ha­gen.

Ljubljana Bien­ni­al

This summer I had to chance to go to both Docu­menta in Kassel and the Ljubljana Bien­ni­al of Graph­ic Arts. Here’s my photos from one of the Ljubljana Bien­ni­al exhib­i­tions that allowed photos. The theme of this Bien­ni­al was this poem by Slov­e­ni­an writer Jure Deleta.

Benesse Museum collec­tion

Benesse House on Naoshi­ma doesn’t allow photos of their modern art collec­tion, so here is a selec­tion of works I like by some artists I saw there. I though the space of the museum was wonder­ful, but the fact that there was no inform­a­tion about the artworks was a letdown. If you didn’t know much about modern art already, you might not have got much out of the visit, which is a bad thing for a museum, seeing as one of the main reas­ons to go is to learn new things.

Tate Britain


I went to the Tate Britain the other day. I went there plan­ning to go to the Folk Art exhib­i­tion, but real­ised I didn’t have the time or money to do it justice that day, and what I was actu­ally in the mood for was post-war modern art. So that’s what I looked at.

Brit­ish Museum

Last week I paid a trip to the Brit­ish Museum. I had a review of work day at uni for my research project (I’m doing a research/​practice based MA in Sequen­tial Design) and I felt like I should do some­thing substan­tial­ish on the visu­al research side.

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