The Little Mole

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Zdeněk Miler (pronounced Zden-yek- Czech for Sidney, but a much more common name over there in the present day than in English-speaking countries) was a Czech illustrator and animator best known for his character the Little Mole (Krtek or Krteček).

The Mole is huge in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but not well known outside that, which is strange, as the cartoons are very light on dialogue (which is limited to short things like hello or yes or no) and can be understood easily in any country. In his home territory the mole is everywhere though, as toys and on homewares and the packaging of art supplies and food.

All the cartoons are on Youtube if you search for Krtek – they’re charming, beautifully made, and you don’t need to know a word of Czech.

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