living room

“There is no need to do any housework at all. After the first four years the dirt doesn’t get any worse”

I cleaned and reorganised one shelf that I’d never been happy with, and before I knew it, I’d spent pretty much most of the day cleaning and rearranging stuff. When you’re home all the time everything seems to get dirty so much quicker. Before this shelf just had a lamp on (a different lamp, and it didn’t look right.

The windows desperately need stripping, repairing and repainting and servicing, but it’s not something I can do myself. I guess they’re not doing bad for windows from the 1880s which the previous owner totally neglected.I’d also like to get frames to put up prints on these blank walls, but that will have to wait. The blue sofa really is ridiculously long. The building has stairs that go round multiple tight corners. The standard sofa wouldn’t go up the stairs, so the company offered me a large discount on some sectional pieces minus the corner unit. When the pieces were fitted together they turned out to be ridiculous. Not only is this the first new sofa I’ve ever owned, but also the only one I’ve ever had that you can lie full length on with room to spare.

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