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More like wake and talk and work and talk and work lately. I’ve been work­ing teach­ing on a resid­en­tial course in an ex nunnery near St Albans this week. I’ve worked for the company for a few years on and off, teach­ing the odd course here and there. Most of their work is resid­en­tial, so I just do it occa­sion­ally. They hire out beau­ti­ful histor­ic­al build­ings and teen­agers from abroad come for 2 week holi­days. You take them out on field trips, give them lessons about cultur­al topics, and to improve their prac­tic­al use of English, and do a creat­ive project with them. This time we have been doing film-making. Last week they did a detect­ive story, this week horror stor­ies. No, you can’t see them, because of child protec­tion rules at the job.

The hours are long and you live in work and see no-one but your students and co-work­ers for 2 weeks, but the work is satis­fy­ing and well-paid, and meals and laun­dry and clean­ing are taken care of, so all you have to do is concen­trate on the work. The food at this place has been surpris­ingly good too. I couldn’t do it long term though, you’d feel like you’d been insti­tu­tion­al­ised. I return to London on Saturday and start a new Summer teach­ing job on Monday. It will be good to be earn­ing prop­er money for a while.

1. Circum­am­bi­ent- Grimes
<3 Claire Bouch­er.

2. Anyone Can Have a Good Time- Owls
Owls! Owls! They’re play­ing in London in Septem­ber! Also King­ston in a pub, I’m not sure why. I’ve always wondered why this song isn’t on the album though, it’s great.

3. Diane- Hüsker Dü
I <3 Hüsker Dü. I have prob­ably mentioned this here before, but when I was 14 or so I had a home-made Hüsker Dü tshirt I made in textiles class with a prin­ted trans­fer, because I couldn’t get my hands on a real one. I have a real one now, but it’s pretty faded and old look­ing, and I don’t wear it that often. The year before I made the Hüsker Dü shirt, my friend made a tote bag with the cover of Dook­ie metic­u­lously hand painted on to it. The teach­er liked it so much that she insisted on having it for the wall display. By the time Sarah even­tu­ally got it back we weren’t so bothered about Green Day. They are custom made for 13 year olds. I was 13 in the 90s, yet they haven’t aged. I think they get put away in giant tupper­wares at night like that epis­ode of Eerie Indi­ana (I will never regret buying the Eerie Indi­ana boxset)

4. Panda Eyes- Hot Silk Pock­ets
This is my friends from univer­sity. They only ever did this single, but what a single.

5. The Wagon- Dino­saur Jr.
Last time I saw Dino­saur Jr. J Mascis had a massive array of amps around him, sort of arranged in an amp cave, and also arranged to block out his view of Lou. I love what a prick J Mascis is. I also love all the songs by both Dino­saur Jr and Sebadoh that seem to be about the pair’s volat­ile friend­ship.

6. Now It’s On- Grandaddy
Last summer I worked at Hamp­ton Court. I was often on maze duty. We were allowed to listen to music in the booth if it wasn’t obnox­ious to visit­ors. I listened to a lot of Grandaddy and Tortoise that summer.

7. Beech­wood Park- the Zombies
St Alban’s finest!

8. I Am Damo Suzuki- the Fall
No, you’re Mark E. Smith.

9. Moon­shake- Can
Here’s some actu­al Can.

10. I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone- Sleat­er-Kinney
Happy Birth­day Tukru! Ramones + Sleat­er Kinney= Tukru Love

11. Midget Submar­ines- Swell Maps
The best thing to ever come out of Soli­hull. (Although Wiki­pe­dia tells me Feli­city Kend­all was born there- I do love the Good Life)

12. He’s Making a Tape- Billy Child­ish & the Musi­cians of the Brit­ish Empire
Being from Medway, I am consti­tu­tion­ally bound to like Charles Dick­ens,  Billy Child­ish and Tracey Emin. If they find out you don’t, you get thrown in the Medway, and it isn’t a clean river. There’s prob­ably a fair bit of nucle­ar waste from the submar­ines down there too.

13. Recent Bedroom- Atlas Sound
No-one wants to die alone.

14. Hatchet- Low
Favour­ite Mormons.

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