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Here’s anoth­er mix, no theme this time, just songs I’ve been listen­ing to a lot lately. When I moved the blog over to word­press, I had to put the playl­ist on Spoti­fy, so a couple of the songs aren’t avail­able.

1) Zoom!- Super Furry Anim­als
See my entry about Gruff Rhys’ Separado film)

2) What Is Not But Could be If- Silver Jews
I’m so glad I caught their final tour

3) I’m On Standby- Grandaddy
About sums up the last few weeks

4) Dry The Rain- Beta Band
I’ve been listen­ing to the Beta Band a lot recently, makes me think of being in 6th form. Scary to think that was well over a decade ago.

5) Like New- Deer­hunter
Would love to go to their ATP this year, but looks very unlikely

6) Sisters! Broth­ers! Small Boats of Fire Are Fall­ing From the Sky!- A Silver Mt. Zion
I didn’t get to see them last time they played over here, a pity

7) Romantic Rights- Death From Above 1979
More Cana­dians. Pure testoster­one and sweat. Again missed them in 2011. This is turn­ing into a regret list of gigs I’ve missed in the last few years)

8) Rhoda- Slint
On the other hand, I didn’t want to go to their reunion in case I was too disap­poin­ted

9) Paint it Black- Fennesz
Austria’s finest. I don’t think you’d know this was Paint it Black if you didn’t know already

10) Taschen­rech­ner- Kraft­werk
Auf Deutsch. Übri­gens, sie sind bess­er auf seine Mutter­sprache mein­er Mein­ung nach, und mit Wortspiele/​Witzen die englische Version mangelt (when I switched the playl­ist to Spoti­fy recently I had to use the English version)

11) No More Work­house Blues- Bonnie “Prince” Billy
It’s always good to be someone’s favour­ite horse- this is also not on Spoti­fy)

12) Dymuni­adau Da- Datbly­gu
Best Welsh language good­ness

13) Gyro­scope- Boards of Canada
Not Cana­dians

14) Chap­pel Hill- Sonic Youth
Again, glad I caught one of Sonic Youth’s final shows

15) Inde­pend­ence Day- Elli­ott Smith
Never saw Elli­ott Smith either. Anoth­er pity

16) Mush­room- Can
I like songs about nucle­ar war.

17) Frozen Warn­ings- Nico
I don’t know why people call The Marble Index “unlisten­able”. I think it’s a lovely album. Nico herself was a pretty horrible person though

18) All is Full of Love- Björk
I should make a playl­ist about robot love

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  1. Very good to see a refer­ence to Tweez. Ron is still my favor­ite Slint song ever.

    Good call on the reunion. I don't have the stom­ach for those. I've never seen them either but, some­where on my blog there's a post that details my inter­ac­tion with the bands off shoots. I think I've seen nearly every spin off or related act (up until 1997 or so)…except Squir­rel Bait.

  2. It's actu­ally the version off the Glenn/​Rhoda EP, they're a bit differ­ent in tempo and sound.

    I loved the Pave­ment reunion, liked but didn't feel strongly about the Pixies one. I recently went to see Jeff Mangum, which was a Neut­ral Milk Hotel reunion in all but name, and loved that too. I don't know why I was so full of trep­id­a­tion about the Slint one, but I think it was some kind of fear that it would be too precise and precious and not intense enough or some­thing.

    The thing about having spent most of your life in the vicin­ity of London is there is as much music as you can afford the money and time to see, and so there's constantly fant­ast­ic stuff that someone who's always broke like me can't always afford to go to.

  3. I'll take it either way.

    Pave­ment was the very reunion I had in mind. I couldn't even contem­plate it. Gran­ted I saw 'em at differ­ent times when they were still togeth­er. The last time they played in New Orleans was the best show I've ever been to.

    Pave­ment are the 90's to me. They set tone for that whole era…especially for my own memor­ies. Me and my liver, and the brain cells I have left are happy to leave the 90's where they belong…in the past :).

    The biggest prob­lem is that I grew up in the 80's surroun­ded by baby-boomers from the 60's who refused to grow up and stop talk­ing about how awesome they were. Made me aller­gic to nostal­gia for youth.

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