scissors and paper flag

Women’s Zinefest

(this is the table next to me)

At the end of January I had a stall at the Zine Fest at the women’s library at London Met Uni in East London. I was horribly late, as it seemed almost every form of transport I could possibly use was closed for engineering works that weekend, so I ended up having to walk from Monument to Brick Lane to get there. I had a ridiculously huge table to myself in this cosy little library, and I made quite a good bit of money and did some shameless promotion of the Brighton Zinefest.


Ellie, my fellow BZF Collective partner in crime came along, and walked round with a Brighton Zinefest poster stuck to her back. Some of my friends like Siobhan popped along as well.I also met a nice Scottish girl called Chloe who also has pink hair (and wears only pink!), and I ended up having a stall next to her at the Alternative Press Fair a few weeks later. Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to look properly at the interesting looking exhibition about women’s magazines (I thought I’d have time afterwards, and then we were turfed out at 5 on the dot)




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