аз съм английска, от лондон

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Last week I was in Bulgaria teach­ing. I didn’t have too great a time, because all of us teach­ers got food pois­on­ing, and there was one partic­u­lar class of kids who were a pain, and due to all round tired­ness and illness, I didn’t get to leave the dull suburb we were stay­ing in and venture too much into Sofia. I went twice, and here are some phone pics. I’ve got some 35mm ones too, which I need to scan, and some diana ones, which need devel­op­ing still. I think if I went again to Bulgaria I’d go some­where in the moun­tains or coast. Sofia isn’t their top tour­ist destin­a­tion, it’s really more some­where where people work, and the natur­al scenery of the coun­try is stun­ning. I’m in the process of writ­ing about the trip in more detail for my zine.


This is Sofia cathed­ral, right in the centre of the city. The roof is covered in gold leaf, which looks really impress­ive in the sunlight.


These are the steps of a cafe …


… which I went in for a coffee because I liked the retro styl­ings and design of the build­ing. Inside they were play­ing Motley Crue. They really like 80s cheese in Bulgaria.


This is the fresco on the side of the Bulgari­an Architect’s Asso­ci­ation.


In b&w.


I like to spot Trabants. You don’t see many old cars in Sofia. Most people have a new car which they keep spot­lessly clean, and drive over potholed, dusty roads. The very middle of the city centre has been repaved (and they’re slowly work­ing their way outwards), and the motor­ways are in good condi­tion, but most of the other streets (and pave­ments) are pretty bad.


Amphora in a garden.


A street in better condi­tion.


Central Sofia

Abandoned driveway

Decrep­it drive­way in Sofia.

Abandoned house

Equally decrep­it front door of the house.

Made in Home decor

A really nice cafe/​vintage clothes shop I found, Made in Home, where they grow the veget­ables for the food them­selves.

Made in Home ceiling

Mladost 1

The excit­ing world of Mladost 1, where I was stay­ing.

Mladost 1

Hotel room

My hotel room, which was trying to be styl­ish with rasp­berry purple carpet, sixties style pink feature wall, marsh­mel­low pink bedding, pale blue walls, dark grey gauze curtains and grey furniture with mirror tops, but just looked a bit odd. I don’t think it’s Bulgari­an fash­ion, because I didn’t see anywhere else decor­ated like that.


A medi­aev­al tavern we went to on the Friday with one of the Bulgari­an teach­ers. The food here was amaz­ing. I had pars­ley croquettes, mashed potato with red peppers, and tomato and bean stew.

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