8 track audio cartridges

8 Track Tape photoshop mockup

I love using Photoshop product mockups – there’s something satisfying about creating a total lie of an object that doesn’t exist (see the Borges book project I did). I wanted an 8 track tape mockup, but I couldn’t find one. So I made one and you can download it. You will need Photoshop CC, and basic PS skills. You can make the cartridges any colours you like (bright colours work best). The layers are labelled what they do, and the label smart objects are set up as multiply layers over the vintage paper texture.

Download link: 8 track tapes template.psd

Terms and conditions– this download is free as Creative Commons. You may freely use it for your own projects, but you may not sell the template file, host the template file on other sites or include it in bundles. Credit to Emma Falconer is much appreciated. The stock photo of the tapes by Mauro Cateb came from Wikimedia.

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