A Hawk and a Hack­saw

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The other night I went to see a Hawk and a Hack­saw at the Queen Eliza­beth Hall. My friend Fliss had a spare tick­et at the last moment. I had seen them a few times before, the picture above is one I took at ATP around 6 years ago. She had booked the tick­ets so long ago she had forgot­ten the details of the show. It turned out to be a collab­or­a­tion between A Hawk and a Hack­saw and the BBC Orches­tra. The orches­tra played pieces by Bartok and Ligeti, a Hawk and a Hack­saw played folk songs from Hungary, Romania and Ukraine, and the two joined togeth­er for some songs at the end. It felt very civil­ised to sit watch­ing an orches­tra in plush padded seats. It’s not some­thing I do that often. I had an ice cream in the inter­val too.

The South Bank is one of my favour­ite spots anyway. I’m always happy to have a reas­on to go to the Fest­iv­al Hall. I’m a little sad they have got rid of the sound art install­a­tion in the toilet though. They had a record­ing of a man whist­ling the whole Rite of Spring play­ing in there. It was great. Once when I was at my mum’s, I was watch­ing a film about the riots at the open­ing night of the Rite of Spring. One of my mum’s cats was watch­ing it with me. She loves watch­ing tv, and normally isn’t phased by things like shout­ing, or gunfire or explo­sions. However, when the music star­ted, she jumped bolt upright with a look of “No! Not this!” and ran out of the room and stayed in the kitchen until the music was finished. She clearly has a pre-1913 mind.

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