Győr Station Lives in the 50s

Győr station is really quite styl­ish in a 1950s way. I took most of these photos while I was wait­ing around bored for my delayed train back to Austria.

Draught excluders of Győr

There were a lot of decrep­it old wooden windows in Győr old town. Here’s some of the vari­ous designs of draught excluders I saw.

Győr, Hungary

After work­ing in Vienna for a week I headed off on the train to Győr in Hungary. It’s the region­al capit­al of NW Hungary, and exactly halfway between Vienna and Budapest. I’d never been there before, and it was an easy train jour­ney from both Vienna and the tiny village on the Austria-Hungary border where my next work assign­ment was.

Das Geht Sich Gut Aus

I’ve been in Vienna and now a tiny village on the Austro-Hungari­an border for the last few weeks. Here’s what I’ve been listen­ing to.

Inter­na­tion­al Pop Hits

My all-time top Finn Tukru, sent me some weird Finnish music videos from the past. (Don’t intro­duce me to any other Finns, Tukru, you might get demoted).

A Hawk and a Hack­saw

The other night I went to see a Hawk and a Hack­saw at the Queen Eliza­beth Hall. My friend Fliss had a spare tick­et at the last moment. I had seen them a few times before, the picture above is one I took at ATP around 6 years ago. She had booked the tick­ets so long ago she had forgot­ten the details of the show. It turned out to be a collab­or­a­tion between A Hawk and a Hack­saw and the BBC Orches­tra. The orches­tra played pieces by Bartok and Ligeti, a Hawk and a Hack­saw played folk songs from Hungary, Romania and Ukraine, and the two joined togeth­er for some songs at the end. It felt very civil­ised to sit watch­ing an orches­tra in plush padded seats. It’s not some­thing I do that often. I had an ice cream in the inter­val too.

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Tömeny romantika, imád­lak 80s hungari­an songs-ika

The other week­end I went to visit Erika and her part­ner at their beau­ti­ful house. I always have a nice time there. The worst thing that ever happened to me there was that I once ate too much Stilton and had to have a lengthy lie-down. If the worst thing about your day is that you ate too much blue cheese, then the day is going well.