A less than excit­ing walk around Salzburg

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I was supposed to be back in Austria right now, running more school work­shops. Obvi­ously that’s not happen­ing now, due to the Coronavir­us lock­down. Here’s some photos from Salzburg at the end of Febru­ary, where I flew en route to work­ing in Amstetten. You can see more touristy photos from Salzburg from a while back here.

As a sign of what was to come: my flight from London to Salzburg on the 21st of Febru­ary only had 5 people on it. They made us all sit along the wing row for takeoff, then sit wherever we liked after that. It was actu­ally a plane belong­ing to a pack­age holi­day company, going to collect people on their way home from ski pack­ages. The snow­fall this year was already disap­point­ing, and it was the end of the school holi­days that week­end. The plane arrived 45 minutes early, as it was so much light­er and load­ing and unload­ing so quick. Eerie light­ing on my airport veget­ari­an sushi box. Salzburg station has had a bit of a makeover. Unfor­tu­nately my hotel was in the middle of its own makeover (I made a complaint but the custom­er service was also terrible). I always struggle to find anywhere cheap in Salzburg in the winter. The company arranges the hotels in the work week, but Saturday and en-route accom­mod­a­tion is my respons­ib­il­ity. In the summer the university’s post-grad resid­ence rents out the rooms- they’re clean, nice, in the city centre and cheap. In the winter you’re at the mercy of ski-season rates.

The room was nice enough, but still stank of paint and most of the elec­tric­al sock­ets didn’t work. Having a walk around the Old Town at night. Dough hell. Which famous person is from Salzburg again? The area around the castle was completely deser­ted. Salzburg isn’t my favour­ite Austri­an city. Although it’s very pretty I find it a bit stuffy. For region­al capit­als I prefer Inns­bruck. The Salzkam­mer­gut just outside Salzburg is stun­ning though. Austria has gone Dutch. The vend­ing machine for dried up reheated fast food late at night is here. Perhaps enter­pris­ing in the land where takeaways often close at 9pm. Ghost bike mark­ing the site of a fatal acci­dent at a junc­tion near my hotel.I was plan­ning to leave my bags at the station and go into town, but torren­tial rain star­ted a couple of minutes after I took this photo, so I took the train to Amstetten early.

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