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I was supposed to be in Austria right now running school work­shops, but obvi­ously that’s not happen­ing. Like many other people right now I’m unem­ployed as my whole industry has stopped exist­ing overnight. Seeing as I’ll be spend­ing a lot of time at home in the fore­see­able future, today seemed like a good time to have a big cleanup of the living room. The previ­ous owner of my flat was a terrible land­lord who never fixed or renov­ated anything. The clapped out beige carpet came with the place, and I hate it, but currently can’t afford to replace it. When I moved in I got through about five cans of carpet sham­poo to get rid of the old nicot­ine smell. Today while the cat was play­ing in the garden I took anoth­er chance to clean it.

The windows also desper­ately need repaint­ing and servi­cing (they’re the origin­al ones- about 150 years old) but that’s a special­ist profes­sion­al job, and again I can’t afford it right now

The beige armchair was here when I moved. I was going to give it away, but the cat adop­ted it as his throne. The Ercol furniture set was inher­ited from relat­ives.

The ebay moon tapestry hides a multi­tude of sins- in this case ugly metal bolts for wall-mount­ing a tv. I knew if I tried to remove them a giant chunk of plaster would come off the wall. The walls were also painted brown when I moved in. It took a lot of coats of white to cover up.

The small ugly sofa is from my old flat. I bought it from a char­ity shop, but they didn’t want it back, so I ended up bring­ing it here. The banana belongs to the cat. This wall still has lots to do. I’ve got a load of prints to go on the wall, but not had the time or money to get frames. That will have to wait. The piece of paper with paint samples is from where I was consid­er­ing paint­ing the walls green. I decided in the end that I liked neither colour.

The big blue sofa is from DFS (of course from the never-ending sale). It’s the first time I’ve ever owned a new sofa. I origin­ally wanted a stand­ard four seat­er but they couldn’t get it up the stairs, so offered me a deal on two modules from a section­al set. I said fine, but was then amazed how huge they were when linked togeth­er. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a sofa you could lie down flat on. The cat is very disgruntled because I moved things and changed the smells without his permis­sion or super­vi­sion. This is the Shame Pile- The books I’ve accu­mu­lated but not yet read. I feel this is going to come in handy.There is a certain stripy person (naming no names of course) who lives in this house and likes to dig up plants, requir­ing pebbles on the surface of all of them.

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