A walk along an empty beach

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Not many people are getting to the beach these days, but I live right next to it (in fact I can see the sea from my living room window). It’s strange to live in a tour­ist town when there are no tour­ists. You’re allowed to walk on the beach, but no sunbathing, no picnics, no trav­el­ling from outside the area. Suddenly my usually uncool activ­ity of “walk along the beach alone and look at some rocks a bit and then walk back” is the only one allowed or recom­men­ded.

This beach is the oppos­ite direc­tion from the town centre, and is where you go to get away from crowds of daytrip­pers in the summer. On the day I took these photos earli­er this week the sun was out, but there was also a fierce wind. For most of the walk I was totally alone.

This park would normally be full of chil­dren. The reas­on you should not bring a large boat up to the shore at low tide. Strata. Shark! (Tech­nic­ally)

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