Aban­doned school science lab

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skeleton 2

I was doing some resid­en­tial teach­ing for the last 2 weeks. A group of year 9s from Chile came on a school trip, and I gave them lessons about English and Brit­ish History/​Culture and took them to vari­ous histor­ic­al places like Cambridge and Canter­bury. I was work­ing in the middle of nowhere, in this old manor house in the middle of a nation­al park. The house had been a board­ing school from the 1920s to 2005, and the company I worked for was only using part of the build­ing.  We were the last school tour to be there before it was going to be handed over to the new owners, who no-one knew much about, but didn’t seem to be using it as a school. There were lots of locked up rooms that had been used by the board­ing school, but weren’t used for the language holi­days, like the science lab, and they had piles of school stuff lying every­where. The atti­tude was pretty much feel free to explore, just make sure the kids don’t get into anywhere that could be danger­ous. The care­taker gave me the keys to the science lab, and later on, when all the kids had gone back home, and we were clean­ing up, I explored the attics. Appar­ently all the school stuff was going to be sold off on the 10th of Octo­ber in huge job lots, because the new owners wanted a clear build­ing. I have a lot more photos, and some inter­est­ing things about the house that a local histor­i­an told us, but I’m going to start with the science lab pictures.




test tubes

All the glass­ware in the lab looked like it had been reused forever. Everything was worn and stained.

skeleton 1


Scary student paint­ings!

magnifying glasses


The jars had vari­ous pickled creatures in. I would have liked to have taken some closer shots, but there was quite a lot of junk in between me and the jars.








Safe stor­age!

corks 2

corks 1



bell jar

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