I could be happy (miss­ing images)

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I was in London to go to a private view for my friend Mark Pembrey. He does fant­ast­ic things with typo­graphy and print­mak­ing, and he had an exhib­i­tion at Woolf­son and Tay, a book­shop in Bermond­sey. For some reas­on, I was expect­ing it to be in an old quaint build­ing on a market square, but Bermond­sey Square turns out to be super modern. In fact they were film­ing a real­ity show there, where vari­ous famous people had to run a restaurant/​hotel. There were quite a few bored look­ing locals stand­ing around outside the restaur­ant window to see if they could get a peek of anyone famous. The bookshop’s great anyway (although wonder­ful book­shops are always pain­ful when I’m broke) and I had a better time at the private view, chat­ting to Erika, Mark, Zoe and our teach­er Graham than I ever would have had stand­ing around outside a tv set.

In between, I met up with Vicky and two other girls from her illus­tra­tion course, and we mooched around inter­est­ing shops and ate some (always fant­ast­ic) ice cream at Gelupo and oohed and ahhed over art books we can’t afford.

These paper cutouts are about a centi­metre tall. You could buy them in a laser-cut post­card to punch out your­self, but each card was £15. I couldn’t find them on Magma Book‘s website though, so I have no idea who the design­er is.

I also loved this badge and button map of the UK & Ireland by Vicky Cock­ell in the Fest­iv­al Hall shop. There are lots of little in jokes in the choice of badges. York­shire is marked with a Kes badge, and Water­ford with a “I cracked the Crys­tal Maze” one. I would love to own it, but it costs £250, and I have much more neccessary things to do with £250, so I’ll have to stick to admir­ing it.

Also, me & Vicky shared a starter at dinner that was amaz­ing. It was slices of polenta, topped with creamy sauce and sliced mush­rooms and herbs. I want to cook it for myself now.

Also, I was in the super­mar­ket with Tukru the other day, and they had a vend­ing machine that sold Hello Kitty charms of starsigns. I put some money in, and joked that if I got Capri­corn, my starsign, then it was obvi­ously a mystic sign that my luck was finally turn­ing. I did get Capri­corn on the first go!

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