room with bunkbeds and piano

All the cheesecloth & macrame you can eat



I got this 70stastic book for £1 from a charity shop, mainly because of the pictures. The textual parts are worthy and Blue Peter-ish, with lots of making things out of tea chests and copydex (why doesn’t tea tend to come in chests these days?), guides to home tie-dying, and sentences like “and kitchen foil gives a touch of glamour”.

back cover.jpg


The text suggests collecting carpet samples to create a patchwork effect.


Sorry about the slightly grainy scans. The pictures are quite small in the book, and not the best quality printing, but I’ve tried to do the best scans I can.


This one is made out of wallpaper samples and a cupboard from a skip


Check out Mr Suave and his open-necked shirt and fancy stereo. The text part of the book vaguely explains just how this music student managed to cram a piano, hammond organ, recording equipment and a bed and sink into one room.


Grainy view of the piano under the bed. (Will I ever have cause to type that sentence again?)


A studio photo? You don’t say?


The glamourous bacofoil corner. I wonder if anything in here is also made of washing up liquid bottles or sticky backed plastic?

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