All the cheesecloth & macrame you can eat

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I got this 70stastic book for £1 from a charity shop, mainly because of the pictures. The textual parts are worthy and Blue Peter-ish, with lots of making things out of tea chests and copydex (why doesn’t tea tend to come in chests these days?), guides to home tie-dying, and sentences like “and kitchen foil gives a touch of glamour”.

back cover.jpg


The text suggests collecting carpet samples to create a patchwork effect.


Sorry about the slightly grainy scans. The pictures are quite small in the book, and not the best quality printing, but I’ve tried to do the best scans I can.


This one is made out of wallpaper samples and a cupboard from a skip


Check out Mr Suave and his open-necked shirt and fancy stereo. The text part of the book vaguely explains just how this music student managed to cram a piano, hammond organ, recording equipment and a bed and sink into one room.


Grainy view of the piano under the bed. (Will I ever have cause to type that sentence again?)


A studio photo? You don’t say?


The glamourous bacofoil corner. I wonder if anything in here is also made of washing up liquid bottles or sticky backed plastic?

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  1. One of my friends at university had one. Mainly because the “double bed” that the room was supposed to come with was actually two singles of totally different lengths pushed together, so there was no way she could put a double sheet on it without having a weird hangy bit on the shorter bed.

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