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I guest djed at Moogie Wonderland with Tukru last week. It went pretty well, although the students were conspicuous in their absence because it’s exam/assessment time. I didn’t plan what I was going to play, just went with intuition.

Here’s some stuff I played:

My Valuable Hunting Knife- Guided by Voices

A House is not a Motel- Love

the Vaselines- Teenage Jesus Superstar (this live version is rubbish tho)

And some stuff I forgot to play, but meant to (maybe another time):

Lucifer Sam- Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett- songs about cats, yeah

Philosophy of the World- the Shaggs

I managed to sprain the muscle between my shoulder blades somehow earlier this week, and have been lying around being thoroughly useless since. I didn’t know you could actually do such a thing, but apparently I have. The doctor gave me a higher dose of painkiller than usual, and they make me feel nauseous and fuzzy. So I have a choice of not being able to bend over or turn, or wanly lying on the sofa feeling a bit queasy. I was supposed to help Tukru’s boyfriend at the charity shop he’s manager of today, but I had to flake out. I managed to drag myself into art college yesterday, and kind of regretted it. Still, my back’s slowly getting better through the week, and I’ll have a long bath later. Hopefully I’ll be alright at the weekend when I have to work, cos I certainly need the money, and it’s not like I have to pick anything up there, just ring up tickets and direct people to the toilets/blue whale/dinosaurs.

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