Anniver­saire de Victoire

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Birthday Tea

On Saturday I went to Brighton for Vicky‘s birth­day. When I arrived at her flat, she had a full birth­day tea laid out with all kinds of treats and drinks, and a red velvet cake that looked like a giant cupcake. Every­one should do that for their birth­day, it was so much fun.



Jelly Yolk

If you put a jelly shot in a glass of South­ern Comfort & Lemon­ade, it looks like an egg yolk.


The bakery said the cake would serve 24 people. We didn’t believe them, but when you cut into it, it’s suddenly huge inside. Vicky’ll prob­ably be eating cake for break­fast, lunch and dinner for the next week.

Cake Cake Cake

Mmm, deli­cious cake.

Party Bag

Some party bag stuff. The skel­et­on sweets tasted exactly how you imagine bleach would, I made every­one I saw that even­ing try one.

Cap'n Rachael

Cap’n Rachael


Every­one had to have a sit down, too much cake and chocol­ate and sugary booze.


Then we went to the pub, where some of Vicky’s boyfriend Jack’s family joined us. More people should bring cake stands to pubs.

James & Amy

Amy & James joined us. Funtimes had by all.


I some­how ended up with a bubblegum scen­ted pencil. No, a smen­cil. Excel­lent word.


And a glit­tery trans­fer tattoo. It was surpris­ingly hard to get off the next day.

Shame on you, William Hill

I was not impressed by this ad on the beer­mat. I’m prob­ably going to complain to Willi­am Hill when I get round to it.

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