I’ve got it on, your favor­ite tee, it never looked as good on you as it looks on me

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(Ex-army shirt from milit­ary surplus store a very long time ago, dark denim skirt from Oasis last year, black tights who knows, shoes from Dr Martens 3 years ago. Neck­lace made by Mika Hallor. Hair in desper­ate need of a hair­cut. Swollen ster­oid face free by the NHS)

“I thought we had an under­stand­ing there
That wouldn’t leave too soon
Figure it over and you’ll find out where
Your green shirt’s gone”

Talk­ing of 90s reviv­al, I real­ised that the clothes I was wear­ing yester­day were some­thing I could easily have been wear­ing 20 years ago. This isn’t the actu­al shirt I had as a teen­ager (that one, like all of them, inex­plic­ably had a German flag on the arm), but it’s pretty much the same. I got this one from an army surplus store at some point in my 20s for £4, but by mistake they gave me two, so it essen­tially cost me £2. I recently saw some identic­al shirts in Topshop for about £40. Some­times it pays to be a loser who never throws anything away. Until about five years ago I actu­ally did have a top I’d been wear­ing since the early 90s. It was a burgundy and black ribbed thing that seemed to be made of near-indes­truct­ible mater­i­al.

A lot of blog­gers make slightly shady money by taking photos of them­selves in clothes that are currently in stores (often sent as a free sample by the manu­fac­turer), and then using a special track­ing link that gives them commis­sion for every click and purchase. Distaste­ful hyper-capit­al­ist ethics of turn­ing your life into a walk­ing advert aside, I would be hope­less at that. Most of my stuff is second hand or home-made, and I hang on to clothes I like forever if they still fit and are in good condi­tion (I’m pretty ruth­less at giving unworn things to char­ity shops though). A couple of times a year I go on a big (unpleas­ant and stress­ful) shop­ping trip and stock up on basic things like jeans from chain stores (ok mostly Muji or Topshop to be honest), and that’s kind of it. Prob­ably by the time I’d notice a trend it would be on its way out.

Talk­ing of army surplus cloth­ing in my youth, when I was a teen­ager I also had one of those army jump­ers with the fabric covered shoulders. Almost every­one else I knew did as well. Oh yeah, I also had one of those canvas army bags that I used as a school bag. That was also the thing. Why did I even both­er going to other shops? (Not that there is much selec­tion in my homet­own, it’s a decrep­it ship­build­ing town that went into a massive decline in the 80s). They clearly had everything I needed in the local army surplus shop.

I was a small kid in all respects except height, and I also had a long-sleeved Nirvana tshirt that was like a comfort­ing tent that was one of my favour­ite things. They also had those in Topshop recently. Mine came from a local hippy shop, and came with a free long-last­ing scent of joss sticks- Topshop don’t provide that service.

I had some very simil­ar school shoes to these in the 90s, except in black rather than burgundy. My feet stopped grow­ing when I was 12, so I wore the same pair until I’d almost finished school, and was also happy to wear them outside school, which is not some­thing you can say about most shoes accep­ted by Brit­ish schools. Yester­day was the first day in months I’d worn tights, and it felt really weird.

The easi­est place to take a photo was in the hall­way where my bike was. I’m proud of my crappy £40 bike. There’s very little to go wrong on it and it annoys seri­ous cyclists. I had to use my 24mm wide angle lens instead of the 40mm portrait lens I’d prefer because I just didn’t have space to move the camera further back. I also had to sit on the bike to fit into the photo. Although I look short, I’m actu­ally 5ft8 in my socks. Taking photos of your­self with a remote control is hard, because you have no real-time idea what the pictures look like. I don’t know how all those blog­gers who constantly take self-timer photos of them­selves smil­ing do it. At the best of times I only have a few expres­sions for photos, includ­ing Gorm­less, I Will Fight You and What’s That Smell?. I didn’t really enjoy trying to take the photos (esp with my current allergy-ridden hamster face), but I did enjoy faking up a medi­um format film look on Photoshop, to make it look more like a 90s magazine.

Here is a clos­eup of the neck­lace. Mika the design­er is a friend of a friend who lives in Sweden. I bought two of his acryl­ic neck­laces a while back (the other is the “I’d rather drown” pennant), and I’ve found the feath­er one has become a favour­ite that I wear more than any other item of jewellery.

Here’s anoth­er Lemon­heads song, for no real reas­on.

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  1. This is basic­ally a post I have had in my draft folder for about 3 years, even down to the Lemon­heads influ­ences, after I had a moment of real­isa­tion one day that I was wear­ing exactly the outfits I wore 20 years ago, just tight­er (body posit­ive feel­ings not being some­thing 16 year old me was in posses­sion of), and listen­ing to the same music. So weird*!

    * The simil­ar­it­ies between our posts, but also the whole 90s reviv­al thing too.

  2. The whole cut of clothes was looser too then though, and it wasn’t the ideal for things to be skin tight. I’m not sure when the whole tight thing came in, I can’t really pinpoint it.

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