Tues­day the 13th

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No posts for a week. I stayed with my dad for most of last week to go to a family wedding, took my laptop with me to do some work while I was there, but then stupidly forgot to bring the power cord with me. Here’s a relax­ing video. I actu­ally really don’t enjoy those “relax­ing” videos of people whis­per­ing or crink­ling things, they don’t relax me at all (and some of them are defin­itely aiming more at “attract­ive woman pays atten­tion to you” than sooth­ing sounds), but I like this one. Best enjoyed with head­phones.

Here’s some other inter­est­ing things:

  • The surpris­ingly inter­est­ing story of chain restaur­ants like TGI Friday’s whose decor was covered with antiques and curios, where they got them all from on such a huge scale, and what they’re doing with them now fash­ions have changed.
  • Colour photo­graphs of Paris from 100 years ago
  • 21 Fruits and Veget­ables you didn’t knew grew like that
  • The worst ideas of post-war town plan­ning
  • The weird­est Russi­an text­book around (whole course free)
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