Assor­ted Deutsch­lands­berg

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Here’s some assor­ted photos from Deutsch­lands­berg. It’s a very ordin­ary small Austri­an town near Graz. Although it’s a pretty and nice place, it’s prob­ably not where you’d pick for a holi­day in Austria (although they do get hikers and people coming for the wine trail in the summer). Busi­ness magazine: Twit­ter user: I want a pizza with Doner meat. Dr Oetker: No you don’t It being carni­val season means clowns infest every­where My room. The hotel was owned by a very sweet old man, and we were the only guests, lead­ing him to see himself as our person­al taxi service.Extremely yellow school build­ing. As well as the high school, there’s also a few voca­tion­al courses running in the same build­ing, lead­ing to you suddenly running into bunches of students in chef’s whites or medic­al scrubs. Thanks for this, Müller Extremely weirdly, the local branch of Müller (German equi­val­ent of Boots, selling toiletries plus station­ery) also had a load of these vintage bank notes for €1-2 euros each. I got two hyper-infla­tion era German ones, a purple one from the same time peri­od when Austria just gave up on money and did town gift certi­fic­ates, one note from Trans­nis­tria which offi­cially doesn’t exist, and a square one from Cent­ral Asia. Indus­tri­al Pombär supplies This moun­tain stream even­tu­ally joins the mighty Danube It took me a while to figure out if this was a takeaway or a shoe shop. Bargain leder­hosen ware­house! The mighty have fallen. Keep­ing the beer safe at the petrol station. I got this note­book for 10p. I don’t know what I’ll do with it, but it was too good to turn down. I mean I like käsespätzle and all (gnoc­chi type pasta baked with cheese and friend onions), but endless vari­ations of pasta, pota­toes and cheese for veget­ari­ans gets very repet­it­ive (and bloat­ing). Vegans are screwed in rural Austria. Local restaur­ant. I went there three years ago and it was exactly the same. You frequently get a Twin Peaks vibe in small town Austria There was a really good char­ity shop in the town. I tried this dress on, but it didn’t fit. This is what I ended up buying. €5 for all this. The woman in the shop tried to upsell me on buying a kilo of books until I explained I had to bring them back in my suit­case.Mickey Mouse knows how to pick gifts. “Huge Cock­roach!” Like real!” “Mega gross!”

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