Assorted Deutschlandsberg

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Here’s some assorted photos from Deutschlandsberg. It’s a very ordinary small Austrian town near Graz. Although it’s a pretty and nice place, it’s probably not where you’d pick for a holiday in Austria (although they do get hikers and people coming for the wine trail in the summer). Business magazine: Twitter user: I want a pizza with Doner meat. Dr Oetker: No you don’t It being carnival season means clowns infest everywhere My room. The hotel was owned by a very sweet old man, and we were the only guests, leading him to see himself as our personal taxi service.Extremely yellow school building. As well as the high school, there’s also a few vocational courses running in the same building, leading to you suddenly running into bunches of students in chef’s whites or medical scrubs. Thanks for this, Müller Extremely weirdly, the local branch of Müller (German equivalent of Boots, selling toiletries plus stationery) also had a load of these vintage bank notes for €1-2 euros each. I got two hyper-inflation era German ones, a purple one from the same time period when Austria just gave up on money and did town gift certificates, one note from Transnistria which officially doesn’t exist, and a square one from Central Asia. Industrial Pombär supplies This mountain stream eventually joins the mighty Danube It took me a while to figure out if this was a takeaway or a shoe shop. Bargain lederhosen warehouse! The mighty have fallen. Keeping the beer safe at the petrol station. I got this notebook for 10p. I don’t know what I’ll do with it, but it was too good to turn down. I mean I like käsespätzle and all (gnocchi type pasta baked with cheese and friend onions), but endless variations of pasta, potatoes and cheese for vegetarians gets very repetitive (and bloating). Vegans are screwed in rural Austria. Local restaurant. I went there three years ago and it was exactly the same. You frequently get a Twin Peaks vibe in small town Austria There was a really good charity shop in the town. I tried this dress on, but it didn’t fit. This is what I ended up buying. €5 for all this. The woman in the shop tried to upsell me on buying a kilo of books until I explained I had to bring them back in my suitcase.Mickey Mouse knows how to pick gifts. “Huge Cockroach!” Like real!” “Mega gross!”

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