What’s in the box?

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Austria Post does an excel­lent cheap fixed price box with­in Europe which is extremely handy when you’re trav­el­ling around for weeks on end with a 20kg luggage restric­tion and need­ing to dress nicely for work with no access to laun­dry. It even arrived with­in a couple of days. None of what I sent actu­ally cost much money, but Ryanair would have charged me a small fortune for the excess luggage costs. Organ­ic and vegan toiletries are extremely cheap and good in Austria (esp Lavera and the DM own brand), so I always stock up on €2 organ­ic lotions and the like when I have a chance, and it lasts for months. The DM Alverde stuff isn’t avail­able at all in the UK, and the Lavera stuff costs £8-9 each over here. I got a recipe book and two discoun­ted German novels. The Neverend­ing Story is origin­ally German. Plough­ing through the origin­al is what got me through A-Level German. The film stops halfway through the book story and it gets dark and weird. Basti­an is gran­ted wishes, and the power goes to his head and he forgets his real iden­tity, becomes a tyrant and has to go down a memory mine to find his real iden­tity.

I already read the Tobac­con­ist by Robert Seethaler in English – I can highly recom­mend it. A 17 year old boy from a small village in the Alps gets a job in a news­agents in Vienna in the 1930s. He starts to get to know all the regu­lar custom­ers, includ­ing Sigmund Freud, but the Nazis are start­ing to close in on Vienna. I also got a load of Hungari­an cook­ing supplies when I was there. Hard to find where I live in the UK. I also got some Austri­an pump­kin seed oil, which is deli­cious drizzled on soups or salads and completely unob­tain­able outside Austria.

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