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The Lykovs– For 40 years, this Russi­an family was cut off from all human contact, unaware of World War II. In 1978, Soviet geolo­gists prospect­ing in Siber­ia discovered them.

DPGraph– check out the extremely psych­del­ic website for this actu­ally quite dull maths soft­ware

1920s time capsule house– almost noth­ing has changed in this Belgian house for nearly a century

The Sonic Youth tuning tutori­al– tuning guides for almost all their songs

China only has one timezone, and that’s a prob­lem– how people in Xinji­ang in the far west of China deal with having an offi­cial timezone that makes no geograph­ic or prac­tic­al sense (this is also the same region that is currently being heav­ily repressed by the Chinese govern­ment)

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