Berga­mo Airport

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Like all the best Ryanair airports, “Milan” Berga­mo is nowhere near Milan, and involves quite a jour­ney to get there. Berga­mo itself is lovely, but I didn’t really have time to do much aside from a coffee and pastry near the train station, let alone go up to the medi­ev­al old town at the top of the hill.

Unlike Milan however, the air has that alpine crisp­ness.

The airport hadn’t had many passen­gers for a couple of years, and every­where looked like this. This was the “new, improved” food court.

There’s some­thing about the UK from the air that’s very distinct­ive, even compared to North­ern France or Belgi­um right next door. Some­thing about the chaot­ic layout of the fields?

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