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The Best of Fanzine Ynfytyn 1-13

I’ve been doing my zine for around 10 years now. I’ve got a lot of back issues that are no longer in print for various reasons. I didn’t want to reprint the whole issues, but it seemed a shame to have them completely languishing in a folder, so I’ve made a compilation issue with articles from the first 13 issues. 40 pages, 30 articles, 12000 words for £3.50. Available here.


  • Why is your zine called that?
  • The man and the song come to blows
  • Pontefract 1982
  • A Cake is Baked
  • Banana cake recipe
  • I demand the return of the flexidisc
  • Junior school music lessons
  • Pancake politburos
  • Books about buses
  • Aubergine parmaggiana recipe
  • Things I would like to do
  • My bizarre English teacher
  • Exquisite corpse
  • Why I like going to the aquarium
  • Things I would like complete sets of
  • Things I always look for in charity shops
  • What does an amoeba have to worry about?
  • Things I’m currently looking for in charity shops
  • End of the pier
  • Childhood ambitions in review
  • Simulating painstaking digging
  • Canterbury
  • Top five napping albums
  • Haiku ode to Papa Hemingway (including getting a cease-and-desist from his grandson)
  • Nuclear sales
  • Multiple Small Pleasures
  • Things which are reassuringly the same every time
  • Things which I tend to like regardless of quality
  • The Sue Ryder sale
  • Crosswords I can and can’t do
  • The pains of learning ballet
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