Birthday Haul


I finally have all my birthday presents, after ooh, 2 weeks. Thanks Royal Mail.

birthday haul

Dress I got from Beyond Retro with the money my brother sent me. (The new Brighton branch of Beyond Retro is great, and also cheap). £1 fondue forks in the spotty box from the Habitat sale. Hotel Chocolat bonbons from Chris. Owl money box from Chris’ parents. Pink LED torch from them too. Pastels single, Great Literary Hoaxes, Father Ted dvd, Diana Wynne Jones book (another awful cover), guitar tuner to replace my busted one, and another 331/2 book (Elliott Smith this time) all from Chris. Poirot boxset, and DSLR remote from my dad, Freaks and Geeks boxset from my sister. ATP film from Chris. I’ve got Panda Bear tickets for March for me & Chris from my mum. I’ve got plenty to keep me occupied here!

(Not pictured, lovely embroideries from Vicky)

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