Steve West- Marble Valley

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Marble Valley

Last night me & Chris went to see Marble Valley. They’re Steve West from Pavement’s side project. I don’t know if he inten­ded to be the comedy Silver Jews, but that’s what they are. Silver Jews + Flight of the Conchords. The support bands were identikit young men trying to sound like the Arctic Monkeys, but minus the wit.

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  1. I saw Marble Valley open for SM & the Jicks years ago in West's homet­own of Char­lottes­ville, VA. They were a weird band. It was a nice 3/5's Pave­ment reunion that night since at the time Bob Nastan­ovich was managing the Jicks. I didn't see David Berman there though. Malk­mus basic­ally just told stor­ies about his UVA days.

    I had a weird ques­tion for you, since you were the only Brit­ish zinester I remem­ber who posted semi-often on WMZ – are there any zine librar­ies in the UK at the moment? I googled and yet again all I found were a few infoshops who seem to stick to polit­ic­al zines. This was the case when I put out my last zine a few years ago as well.

    Like­wise, if you're look­ing for any zine librar­ies in Rich­mond, VA to donate your zine(s) to, I can provide the info.

  2. I don't know of any zine librar­ies outside of info centres. There are a lot of anarch­ist zines here (not really my scene), perz­ines tend to be N Amer­ic­an domin­ated it seems.

    Next month after the Alt Press Fair & Brighton Zine­fest, I was plan­ning to send some copies over to vari­ous zine librar­ies anyway, so the address would be nice.

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