Brown paper pack­ages tied up with string

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I’ve also coloured a few of the colour­ing book pages in Photoshop, mostly for my own amuse­ment.

To create this effect of being prin­ted on brown paper:

  1. Auto trace your artwork to a black outline and trans­par­ent back­ground on Illus­trat­or (turn on ignore white on auto trace)
  2. Open up the file in Photoshop
  3. Add a scan of brown paper to the bottom layer
  4. Set the image outline layer to multiply mode and then copy the layer so it’s doubled up, and the topmost layer
  5. Use a separ­ate multiply or hard light (whichever works better for that colour) layer for each colour under­neath the outline, and colour in blocks using the most basic paint­brush (not one with airbrush­ing- the block­i­est kind). Adjust the opacity of each layer to strike a balance between colour dens­ity and letting the paper texture show through.
  6. You can also use add noise and colour halftone filters on the colour layers to add texture- the roof here is one plain colour layer and one halftoned layer.
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