Canal St-Martin

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Here’s some more pictures of Paris, this time of the Canal Sainte-Martin, once again taken with an old Pentax ME Super from the 70s. The film was expired and from Pound­land, and went through the x-ray machine at the airport, which resul­ted in it having a red cast. I colour correc­ted it out where I could, but the pictures don’t quite reflect the aqua green water as I saw it. I also took some b&w pictures of the same area, which I’ve developed but not yet scanned.


One of the locks.


There were a few of these kiosks along the canal, seem­ingly unused. Perhaps they’re only open in the summer.



Inter­est­ing block of flats down a side street.


Seat­ing area near the basin.


flats and trees


Metro stair­well. A lot of the Metro system in this part of Paris is actu­ally elev­ated rather than under­ground.


There were fewer house­boats than I expec­ted.

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