Your suspi­cions I’m confirm­ing, as you find them all quite true

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1) Contin­ent­al Shelf– Viet Cong
One off the radio at work. I’m not that fussed about the whole album, but I really like this single.

2) King­dom of Heav­en (Is With­in You) – The 13th Floor Elev­at­ors
From the True Detect­ive soundtrack. The seedy side of the late 60s. It really fitted the show well.

3) Be Quiet and Drive– Deftones
The only nu-metal band I ever had any time for. They would prob­ably baulk at being described as nu-metal though. No-one wants to be asso­ci­ated with Fred Durst.

4) Smokes Quantity/​1986 Summer Fire– Boards of Canada
5) Moses? I Amn’t– Mogwai
Two Scots. I bought the Mogwai album when it came out, maybe 2002 or 2003? I remem­ber a lot of people being disap­poin­ted with it, but I really enjoyed it. Around that time I was at Aval­ance Records in Edin­burgh, and they’d decked out the shop with mirrored card like the album sleeve on the walls and in the window. It looked good but disor­i­ent­at­ing.

6) Good Morn­ing Spider– Sparkle­horse
Poor Mark Linkous.

7) Frozen Warn­ings– Nico
I’ve writ­ten on here before about my baffle­ment about people call­ing the Marble Index “unlisten­able”. I don’t get it. Lovely album.

8) Vi Var Människor Från Början– Makthaver­skan
A new Swedish band I saw earli­er in the year and really enjoyed. I wanted to put it on the gigs of 2014 playl­ist, but I couldn’t find a space to put it. Google trans­late tells me the title means “we were people from the begin­ning”.

9) Pink Turns to Blue– Hüsker Dü
Not real Scand­inavi­ans, but Minnesota is close enough.

10) How Near How Far– And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead
I’ve (prob­ably rightly) not paid much atten­tion to anything Trail of Dead have done since about 2002, but you can’t beat their first 2 albums. I saw them at an ATP a few years ago, and they wisely chose to only play stuff from that peri­od. Later in the even­ing I saw Conrad Kiely  wander­ing around with a crate of beer under his arm multiple times, look­ing a bit lost, like he was look­ing for the party, but the party was elud­ing him.

11) A Real Man– Sleat­er-Kinney
I’m really pleased that I’m going to see Sleat­er-Kinney next month. When I was a student I had a job in a photo lab that had no custom­ers (digit­al camer­as were start­ing to come in, and there was a much better place about 5 minutes walk away). When there was a long quiet spell I used to crank this album or Wash­ing Machine by Sonic Youth out. Prob­ably a good thing there were barely any custom­ers.

12) Cool Schmool– Brat­mobile
I used to put on a night with Tukru where we only played female-fron­ted music. This was a favour­ite. I’ll write about it on here anoth­er time, and make a playl­ist.

13) Pay Atten­tion– Colleen Green
Anoth­er song regu­larly played on the radio at work. Very remin­is­cent of . .

14) Stoneface/​Venus Man Trap– Veruca Salt
My parents used to rent out rooms to lodgers. Circa 97/​98 a Japan­ese girl left behind a tape of this album on a pretty trans­par­ent blue tape with clouds on. You couldn’t buy tapes that fancy here. Initially I planned to tape over it, but I enjoyed the album too much for that. About a year later I made a copy for a boy I liked. He was very patron­ising about it, I think he thought the correct place for girls in music was admir­ing him. He used to constantly play Muse songs on his guitar to me down the phone, despite my clearly stated dislike of Muse and then get peeved when I didn’t tell him how wonder­fully talen­ted he was because “that song’s diffi­cult, even if you don’t like it”. Funny how that one didn’t work out. Teen­agers are fragile creatures.

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