sydney opera house

Central Sydney

To be honest I wasn’t fussed about the centre of Sydney. I was staying close to the harbour, but it all felt very bland and glossy, like living in a Westfield shopping centre. I was there to visit friends more than anything. Up close the Opera House is surprising- you expect it to be all white and smooth and minimalist, but in real life it’s covered in lots of beige and brown tiles (the roof is tiled), and looks very 70s.

This Victorian-era arcade has beautiful architecture, but is again devoted to glossy luxury shopping.

There was a lot of kiwi stuff in the supermarkets- I guess there are a lot of people who move to Sydney for work. This lemonade is really good.

Can you award yourself a chocolate fish? Probably not. Needs to be bestowed on you by a dad from New Zealand.

I went on a disastrous whale-watching “cruise” on rough seas. I did see a lot of whales, but I was also incredibly seasick. I wrote about the unpleasant experience more in the zine I did about the trip.

Going out in the Antarctic Stream at the end of winter in a small boat is a bad idea, who knew?

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