The Inner West of Sydney

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While in Sydney I met up with my friend Emma David­son who runs Take Care zine distro, and we had a wander round Newtown (not far from where she grew up) and had some dinner. Newtown is the area of Sydney next to the univer­sity, full of old houses and narrow lanes. It used to be very cheap- full of hippies and students and LGBQT bars and book­shops, but is now extremely expens­ive. I’ve writ­ten a bit more about this in the zine I made about my trip- you can find it here.

The trees were full of budgies mock­ing pass­ers by.

These old doors were just sitting out in the street while the house was restored. I hope they weren’t throw­ing them away.

Top-load­ing wash­ing machines are popu­lar in Australia.

Scar­folk comes to NSW. (Tbh there is already a very strong author­it­ari­an flavour in Australia)

These little terraced houses now cost around a million Australi­an dollars plus. Here’s one that’s been done up, and here’s a decrep­it one that’s up for auction and looks like it was a student house. (Plus an even more decrep­it one)

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