The Inner West of Sydney

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While in Sydney I met up with my friend Emma Davidson who runs Take Care zine distro, and we had a wander round Newtown (not far from where she grew up) and had some dinner. Newtown is the area of Sydney next to the university, full of old houses and narrow lanes. It used to be very cheap- full of hippies and students and LGBQT bars and bookshops, but is now extremely expensive. I’ve written a bit more about this in the zine I made about my trip- you can find it here.

The trees were full of budgies mocking passers by.

These old doors were just sitting out in the street while the house was restored. I hope they weren’t throwing them away.

Top-loading washing machines are popular in Australia.

Scarfolk comes to NSW. (Tbh there is already a very strong authoritarian flavour in Australia)

These little terraced houses now cost around a million Australian dollars plus. Here’s one that’s been done up, and here’s a decrepit one that’s up for auction and looks like it was a student house. (Plus an even more decrepit one)

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