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So here’s my room. I moved to this small unfur­nished flat in Octo­ber, and until the New Year I didn’t have a bed or enough shelves, so everything was in boxes all over the place, and it didn’t look great. The other room has both the living room stuff and my desk, which isn’t ideal. Photos of that will have to wait because it’s currently covered in a load of paper­work and art stuff.

Pictures stuck to the wall- an assort­ment of post­cards, photos I’ve taken, and prints friends have given me. I found the 70s bedsheets when I was clear­ing out my nan’s house (I now have about 7 differ­ent duvet covers because of this). The cush­ions were a gift from Morocco.

The chest of draw­ers also came from my grandparent’s house. The glow­ing thing on the left is one of those essen­tial oil vapor­isers. I mostly use a mix of lemon­grass, cedar and berga­mot oils in it (I have one in the other room too)

This flat has no stor­age outside of the kitchen cupboards. I would love to have an actu­al ward­robe and get rid of the clothes rail. See the edge of the fake Marimekko curtain. I real­ised when I moved that I actu­ally previ­ously had it hung up upside down, and the hem is weighted with a chain.

Lots and lots of books and camer­as. The shelves are modu­lar ones from Muji made of recycled paper. Each row is a separ­ate unit. Every time I move house I think “my life would be so much simpler if I wasn’t inter­ested in books, music or art- I’d have no stuff” (The records and art stuff are in the other room). I guess you can weigh up that trade-off your­self.


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